ATKV HolidayRands

HolidayRands – You Deserve a Break

Almost half a million families choose to go to ATKV resorts every year for an unforgettable holiday.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as there are many good reasons:

a wide variety of accommodation to suit everyone’s taste and budget
a tranquil atmosphere in a spectacular setting
lots of activities and recreational facilities
action-packed holiday programmes
cosy restaurants and take-away outlets

And now there is another one – HolidayRands

Click here to visit the ATKV HolidayRands website

Introducing HolidayRands

The HolidayRands programme is a new benefit offered by the ATKV through which members as well as non-members can earn discount on accommodation at any of the six ATKV resorts. The idea is to let your household expenses pay for your holidays.

It’s simple!

1. Register on the programme through the ATKV
2. Place your homeloan and/or shortterm insurance through Absa and earn HolidayRands
3. Enjoy your discount at any of the ATKV resorts

HolidayRands are allocated subject to terms and conditions.

1 HolidayRand = R1 discount




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